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How to Repair scratches on your car’s windshield?

Dirt from the road, defective or dirty windshield wipers, and annual ice scraping can gradually damage car windows. This limits vision in the long...
6 Effective Ways to Deal with the Humidity in Your Car

6 Effective Ways to Deal with the Humidity in Your Car

Fogging windows, icing inside and musty smell in the vehicle: This is usually caused by too much humidity in the car and is common...
Ölü araba aküsü? Bir arıza nasıl önlenir

5 Tips to make your car battery last longer

Neither the engine, nor the vehicle electronics, nor the falling exhaust pipe: the majority of all car breakdowns (42 percent) experience vehicle battery failures....
Araç Yağ değişimi: bunu bilmelisiniz

Things you need to know about the vehicle oil change

Regular oil changes will protect the engine against wear. But how often should you change engine oil and which one is correct? Is it...
Rolls-Royce  Tufan Erginbilgiç

Rolls-Royce Appoints a new Turkish Director

Rolls-Royce has appointed Tufan Erginbilgic as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Rolls-Royce Holding. Tufan Erginbilgic will replace Warren East.Tufan Erginbilgic will...
Aracınızda onarabileceğiniz hasarlar

Minor repair techniques to add value to your vehicle

With smart repairs, minor damage like dents and scratches in the paintwork can be repaired with very little effort. You can add value to...
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