For a few days now, Formula 1 fans from all over the world can delight in imitating their heroes thanks to the debut of F1 22, a new iteration of the Codemasters series – a team that is now part of the Electronic Arts family – landed on PC and console.

If you too are about to jump aboard one of the lightning-fast racing cars that can be used in the game to whiz around the circuits around the world, here are a series of tips that could help you get on the podium.

Before starting with our suggestions, we also invite you to take a look at the F1 22 review.


Even if you are seasoned players of the series who know every single circuit inside out, you should know that important track changes have been made in the new F1 22 and you will have to get used to each of them again.

With the aim of offering fans the experience as close as possible to reality, the development team has decided to modify some sections of the courses that differed from their real counterpart and, as a result, you will find yourself competing on different tracks compared to those on which you have spent hours and hours in the last few months.

So if you want to have top performance during offline races or online multiplayer races, you would do well to spend a few hours with the simple goal of learning all the F1 22 circuits and discovering what are the differences from the past. Among the tracks that have undergone the most changes we find the Albert Park Circuit in Australia and the circuit of Catalonia.


If already in the previous iteration of the Codemasters racing game series the curbs were a nightmare for virtual drivers, know that the objects that delimit the circuits in F1 22 can be even more insidious and you must be very careful so that their presence does not negatively affect the your performance.

Sometimes it could happen that the desire to go with the wheels on the curbs to tighten a curve and reduce the times occurs: there is nothing more wrong, since the contact of the tires with these elements of the scenario not only slows down the vehicle, but it could even make you lose control and compromise the race.

It should be noted that this is not universal advice, as there are some rare cases where stepping on the curb can actually help reduce time without damage to the vehicle, but it is good to know under what circumstances it is possible to juggle this risky move and when to avoid. 


At the first start of F1 22, you will immediately realize that the driving path will be active by default.

This means that, unless you decide to change the settings, on the ground you will see a line that will serve to show you the best route not only to reduce the time spent on the track but also to avoid collisions or to approach a curve with excessive speed, which often leads to a crash of the vehicle or a spin due to braking.

Unless you are a seasoned user who wants to enjoy the driving experience created by Codemasters without any kind of help, we suggest you do not disable the trajectory at least for the first hours of the game, since its presence is essential to learn the dynamics. of the vehicle, much more rigid and difficult to control than in the previous chapter.


Our advice on using the trajectory does not imply that the F1 22 assists are all fundamental, quite the contrary.

In fact, one of the best ways to start playing is to carefully select which aids to activate and which to disable, since there are some options that tend to be intrusive and risk ruining the driving experience even for those not accustomed to the genre. .

More specifically, we refer to the aids related to steering and braking, whose activation makes the game much easier and at the same time takes away the control of the vehicle from the player, since some maneuvers will be guided by artificial intelligence to avoid any type. of error.

The automatic control of the ERS (Energy Recovery System) is also one of the ‘negative’ assists, as it could affect the DRS (Drag Reduction System) and prevent you from successfully overtaking.

5- Optimize your car

Unless your goal is simply to complete a few light-hearted races, chances are you’re willing to play F1 22 with the intent of climbing the leaderboards and achieving the best times in every single track available in the package.

In addition to configuring the assists in the best possible way, to make sure that the vehicle tackles the route easily and smoothly it is essential that you spend time in the personalization menu.

It is not enough to focus everything on speed and, in order for the racing car you are piloting to complete a lap in the shortest possible time, it is also necessary to focus on weight management and maneuverability to ensure that the curves can be overcome without dangerous accidents.

6- Use right Graphics Options

Players who play F1 22 on Xbox Series S do not have the opportunity to change the graphics settings, which are available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions.

In these cases, you can select one of the following video options: Graphics and Performance. By selecting the first option, you can play at 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second.

The second possibility offered in the menu is instead dedicated to all those who have a panel capable of displaying images at 120Hz, since the Performance mode lowers the resolution to 1440p but doubles the fluidity, guaranteeing 120 FPS.

In case your TV supports this mode only at a lower resolution (some TVs only support 120FPS at 1080p), just turn it down from the video options of the console and then activate the graphics mode in the game.

Finally, it should be noted that Ray Tracing is active on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but only in the following game situations: replay, movies and front-end.


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