Tesla Model S/X Returns from Yoke to Round Steering Wheel

Tesla Model S - X Returns from Yoke to Round Steering Wheel

The Yoke steering wheel that debuted with the Model S Plaid two years ago will no longer be standard equipment for these two high-end Tesla cars. Is it because the feel is really bad?

The strangely shaped Yoke steering wheel is very different from the traditional round steering wheel. After some Model S Plaid owners complained, Tesla decided to change the policy.

From now on, on the car purchase page of Model S/X, the steering wheel is preset as a traditional circular steering wheel.

If you want to use the Yoke steering wheel, you need to choose it. Interestingly, this option is at no extra cost.

While many owners eventually got used to the Yoke wheel after complaining,

But Tesla also felt that it was not necessary to force car owners to accept it, so it opened up two options.

Although such an option, in the eyes of the Model 3/Y owner who modified the Yoke steering wheel himself, it is simply a luxury.

The Yoke steering wheel does make Tesla look more like a racing car, and the feeling of controlling the vehicle is quite unique.

It forces the driver’s hands to be placed at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock directions of the steering wheel,

This is also in line with Tesla’s philosophy of designing vehicles. Their goal is to let humans drive as little as possible, so the steering wheel should be more and more streamlined.

Perhaps influenced by the recent increase in inventory, Tesla seems to be opening up more and more to try to attract more buyers.

Recalling that when the Yoke steering wheel was first launched, Elon Musk also said that there would be no option for a round steering wheel.

The vagaries of Tesla have also caused headaches for other manufacturers. The interior design of many car manufacturers continues to “pay tribute” to Tesla.

The car factory that launched the “Yoke-like” steering wheel is now lonely.


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