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Why do planes leave white trails behind them-min

Why do planes leave white trails behind them?

On a clear sky, planes can be seen leaving a white trail behind them when they are in the sky. This trail is quite...
Rus tehditlerine yanıt olarak ABD F-22'leri ilk kez Polonya'ya konuşlandırıyor-min

US deploys F-22s to Poland for the first time in response to Russian threats

The US Air Force announced yesterday that six F-22 Raptor fighter jets have arrived at British Air Force Base and will be officially deployed...
Airbus expects world fleet to double in two decades

Airbus expects world fleet to double in two decades

Airbus projects demand for 39,490 new aircraft in its latest "Global Market Forecast (GMF) for the period 2022-2041, which will double the global fleet...

Boeing’s plane for US President Tries to cope with problems

Boeing's new 747 project continues to get tough for the US President. Not only is the project already causing millions of dollars in losses,...
Dünyanın Gelmiş Geçmiş En Büyük 5 Uçağı

5 of the World’s Greatest Aircraft Ever

Faster, higher, bigger, quicker. The development of aviation has always stood out with records. Large airplanes have always played a special role. We will...
ABD Kongresi, F-35'in güvenilirliğine ilişkin soruşturma başlattı

US Congress wants Investigation into the reliability of the F-35

The United States Parliamentary committee announced that it will conduct an "endurance" review of F-35 fighters in early June 2022. American warplanes are complained...
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