Will the Tesla Semi still have 800 kilometers of range when fully loaded-min

Tesla’s pure electric heavy truck Semi has a battery life of 800 kilometers as its biggest selling point, but it has caused competitors such as Mercedes to question whether the battery life figure is only the truck head and does not include the container?

Tesla first showed a prototype of the pure electric heavy truck Semi in 2017. At that time, Elon Musk said that the truck would have a range of 800 kilometers, which excited fans and made competitors highly suspicious.

Bill Gates once said that stacking batteries to improve battery life is very inefficient, and most of the power is used in the carrier battery itself, which is not environmentally friendly at all.

In response to the high battery life of the Tesla Semi, Mercedes-Benz, the mainstream manufacturer of commercial trucks, even believes that this violates the laws of physics at all.

The Tesla Semi is positioned as a Class 8 heavy-duty truck, defined by U.S. market specifications as a gross payload greater than 15 tons,

According to Tesla’s official description, the Semi’s total load capacity should reach 40 tons. From the current understanding of electric vehicles, it weighs more than 40 tons and has a range of 800 kilometers, which seems to be an empty set.

After Tesla’s latest financial report was released, some questions were raised at the shareholder meeting, and Musk responded positively.

“We are mass-producing Tesla Semi, 800 kilometers of battery life without sacrificing cargo space.” Musk once again clarified that the 800-kilometer battery life includes cargo, but the only variable is the slope. This battery life figure is based on horizontal movement. If there are more climbs, the battery life will drop.

“I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that you can’t make an all-electric heavy-duty truck.

So I asked them, what number do you think is acceptable? “Musk said many people don’t have numbers, just “hydrogen,” but Musk doesn’t think hydrogen is needed to make heavy-duty trucks.

In any case, there is no reason to say that the Tesla Semi will be delivered to Pepsi on December 1, and then you will know if there is any expectation of this pure electric heavy truck.


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