This Saturday, George Russell created a surprise by taking his first pole position in F1 at the very end of Q3 of the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix . A performance that even Toto Wolff, who expected to see his drivers in great difficulty in Budapest, is not able to explain! 

“I don’t have an explanation. I told Andrew Shovlin, our director of track engineering, to write down everything he’s done since this morning, including what was eaten, in order to trace the reasons why it’s going so well. Frankly, this season oscillates between depression and exuberance, and sometimes that changes overnight. Yesterday, we tried things that didn’t work at all. But they gave us clues to follow for today,” said the Mercedes boss .

F1 – 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix: Last 10 laps Summary

  • Lap 60: Hamilton still holds the record for the best lap on the track. 
  • Lap 60: Hamilton is just 1.1 seconds behind Sainz.
  • Lap 61: Sainz is 1.5 seconds behind Russell. 
  • Lap 62: Hamilton is just behind and threatens Sainz!
  • Lap 62: Sainz lost ground to Russell… He is now 1.5 seconds behind the Briton. 
  • Lap 63: Hamilton has the DRS! He is in the suction of Sainz… Hamilton passes Sainz!
  • Lap 63: Stroll passes Bottas. He is now in 10th place in the points area. 
  • Lap 64: Verstappen is ahead of Russell, Hamilton, Sainz, Pérez, Leclerc, Norris, Alonso, ocon, Stroll and Vettel. 
  • Lap 64: Hamilton is 5 tenths behind Russell…
  • Lap 65: Hamilton attacks and passes Russell! He is now in 2nd place behind Verstappen. 
  • Lap 67: Vettel passes Stroll.
  • Radio: “We expect rain on the last lap”, Alpine warns Alonso. 
  • Lap 67: VSC. Bottas is stopped at the exit of turn 11. 
  • Lap 68: Bottas encountered an engine power problem… 
  • Lap 69: End of the VSC. Here we go again !
  • Lap 70: DRS prohibited by race management. 
  • Lap 70: It’s the last lap…
  • Lap 70: Another double podium for Mercedes! What a disappointment once again for Ferrari… Sainz and Leclerc finished in 4th and 6th place… 


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