Max Verstappen won a 6th consecutive victory this season at the Italian Grand Prix. The Dutchman won under the safety car, finishing ahead of Charles Leclerc and George Russell.

After a weekend where the orange was out, make way for the red! As you will have understood, Formula 1 is back on the legendary national autodrome of Monza for the Italian Grand Prix. On the occasion of this 72nd edition of the Grand Prix, the circuit inaugurated on September 3, 1922, will celebrate its centenary.

Known as the temple of speed, the Italian track gives pride of place to one thing only… Speed. 5.793 km long and made up of 11 bends, the circuit is “fast and fluid”, confided Fernando Alonso. With an average speed of 225 km/h and peaks expected at 350 km/h, the Italian layout favors overtaking at two places on the circuit, the first chicane of turns 1 and 2 then a little further on that of turns 4 and 5.


Last 10 Laps in Italian GP 2022

Lap 43: Another pit stop for Sergio Pérez! The Mexican came out on soft tires in 7th position behind Lando Norris.

Lap 44: Charles Leclerc is only 17 seconds behind Max Verstappen! Victory clearly seems to be slipping away from Ferrari.

Lap 45: Currently 10th, Nyck De Vries is having an excellent race for his first GP!

Lap 46: Lando Norris increases his pace, the McLaren driver wants to get Lewis Hamilton!

Lap 47: SAFETY CAR! Daniel Ricciardo has just stopped his McLaren in sector 2!

Lap 48: Verstappen, Leclerc, Russell go through the pit lane to put on the soft tires!

Lap 49: The ground teams are busy clearing the McLaren!

Lap 50: While the drivers join the Safety Car, the Red Bull engineers take stock with Vesstappen of the tire strategies of Charles Leclerc and George Russell!

Lap 51: The marshals have just sent a crane to clear the McLaren!

Lap 52: The race should end under safety car conditions!

Last lap: The drivers start the last lap behind the safety car! Max Verstappen is heading for a 6th consecutive victory this season.

Checkered flag: Victory for Max Verstappen! Victory for Red Bull! The Dutchman finished ahead of Charles Leclerc and George Russell.

Checkered flag: For his 1st GP in Formula 1, Nyck De Vries made an excellent start by scoring the points for 9th place!

Checkered flag: Sergio Pérez finishes 6th ahead of Lando Norris (7th), Pierre Gasly (8th), Nyck De Vries (9th) and Guanyu Zhou (10th)!

Checkered flag: Outside the podium, Carlos Sainz finished 4th ahead of Lewis Hamilton 5th! Starting 18th and 19th on the grid, the two men made a spectacular comeback.

With this new success, Max Verstappen is getting closer to the title of champion! The Red Bull driver could win a second title if… – He won the race with the fastest lap while Charles Leclerc did no better than 8th. – He won the race without the fastest lap while Charles Leclerc did no better than 9th.

The next Race: F1 Singapore GP

That was all the important moments of the Italian GP! We will be here in two weeks for the next Grand Prix in Singapore on the Marina Bay track…


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