Ugreen offers this car smartphone holder to be fixed on a ventilation grille and which works thanks to the weight of the smartphone. When “gravity” rhymes with “simplicity”. The holder can be attached to car vent. It also may not hold all the smartphone. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Smartphone well maintained.
  • Very convenient “gravity” system.
  • Correct finishes.


  • Not suitable for large and thick mobiles.
  • No landscape mode.
  • Limited guidance.

Design and Installation

The Ugreen support that we are testing here is a model that attaches to car ventilation grilles. The fixing is done by means of a clip covered with a rather soft rubber which has the merit of not scratching the fins of the grid.

This hanging system is simple to set up, but does not provide flawless support. We prefer the solution proposed by Lisen which offers excellent support.

In this specific case, the choice of Ugreen can be explained by the absence of a ball joint allowing the support to be oriented. The orientation is then done directly by playing on the binding.

This system therefore remains limited by the latitude left by the ventilation grid. It will sometimes be impossible to orient the support as desired.

Without being the most discreet smartphone holder for cars, the Ugreen one blends quite easily into the cabin. The finishes are good and the materials chosen remain correct.

The plastic on the arms doesn’t feel very sturdy, but the design of the stand means they won’t be put to the test with use.


Holding the smartphone

The principle of this Ugreen so-called “gravity” support is quite simple. The weight of the smartphone pushes the lower part of the support downwards, which has the effect of bringing the two arms located on either side of the mobile closer together.

It is therefore sufficient to slide the smartphone into the support so that it is maintained. A perfectly simple gesture, which is carried out with one hand and almost with your eyes closed. To remove the terminal from its location, simply lift it so that the arms move apart. Again, one hand is enough.

The arms and the lower part are covered with small pieces of rubber that help to hold the smartphone properly. Even on slightly bumpy roads, the phone stays firmly in place in its holder.

The arms support enough to hold the mobile, but not enough to trigger the volume keys or screen lock. Not all mobiles can be accommodated by this support.

The smartphone and its possible cover must not exceed 76 mm in width and 1.2 cm in thickness. A limit that will therefore affect the majority of smartphones whose screen exceeds 6.5 inches diagonally.

A Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro or an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max will not be able to slip between the arms of this Ugreen support, even without a protective cover.

If it is very convenient to insert and remove your phone from the Ugreen support, it still suffers from some disadvantages. The first is that the arms fold slightly in front of the smartphone screen.

This can be awkward for screen input if you want to reach an element on the edge. However, this does not hide the lower part, where the virtual keyboard generally appears, which leaves the part reserved for entering an address in a navigation application free.

Another pitfall that may bother some, the design of the Ugreen gravity support actually prohibits use in landscape mode. In this sense, the clamping system does not work.
Finally, note that a small space is left in the platform supporting the mobile to pass a charger.

Supported Smartphones:

iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max, new iPhone SE, iPhone XS XR X 8 Plus 7 6 6s, Samsung Galaxy Note20 S20 Ultra S10 Plus S9 Note 9 8, etc, LG V20 V30 G5 G8 ThinQ, Google Pixel 4, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 XL, and other phones with same sizes. 


The Ugreen Gravity Car Smartphone Holder won’t be for everyone. Its fastening system to the ventilation grilles is restrictive and the support does not accept mobiles that are too wide or too thick. On the other hand, the method of holding the smartphone is effective and very practical to use if you often place and remove your phone in the car.


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