4 Best Wireless Phone Chargers for Cars

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Normally, handling your smartphone while driving a car, to read the GPS or texting is illegal and dangerous thing to do. The phone charger and holder is therefore an accessory that can prove to be very useful in a car.

However, choosing the best car phone holder from all the models available on the market is a task that can be complex. The comparative test offered by consumer protection is an excellent solution to help you make a comparison of the different products, in order to make the best choice. So use our comparison to buy the best phone holder for your car.

1. CHGeek Wireless Phone Charger For Cars

CHGeek Wireless Phone Charger for Cars


  • Solid
  • Holds the phone securely
  • Case friendly
  • Flexible adjustment


  • Relatively slow charging

Current Best Price on Amazon: $30.89

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2. MOKPR 15W Fast Phone Charging Car


MOKPR 15W Fast Phone Charging Car


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Strong suction


  • Shaky for small phones

Current Best Price on Amazon: $29.99

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3. MOKPR 3 in1 Wireless Phone Charger For Cars 

Wireless Car Charger, MOKPR 3 in1 Long arm Car Mount



  • Adheres nicely to the dashboard
  • Adjustable and Flexible


  • Problems with some phones (such as iPhone 13)

Current Best Price on Amazon: $29.99

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4. APPS2Car 15W Dashboard Windshield Phone Charger

APPS2Car 15W Dashboard Windshield Phone Charger


  • High Flexibility
  • Easy install on dashboard and windshield
  • Supports new smartphones
  • Fast charging
  • LED indicator


  • Long extension can make your phone jump out of the place

Current Best Price on Amazon: $27.99

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Car phone holders are essential accessories nowadays. Without one, it is difficult to navigate and go for a ride. However, depending on the car’s dashboard and windshield, it can be a difficult thing to find the right one that fits your needs.

How does a car phone holder work?

Now, we will look at how the car phone holder works, in order to better establish the comparison and to be sure to choose the best model.

It is important to remember that the car phone holder is not a device and does not have a particular mechanism. It is an accessory, and that is why we will describe how to install it instead.

The car phone holder can therefore be installed on the windshield or on the dashboard. However, for the sake of visibility and safety, it is preferable to mount the holder on the dashboard of the car, since, on the windshield, it can prevent the driver from seeing the road well.

In addition, it is also possible to use a clamp or a suction cup to attach the car phone holder to the dashboard or even into the ventilation grille.

It is necessary to remember that it is not possible to put the phone holder for car in the ventilation of certain ranges of vehicles, because their ventilation nozzles are rather round.

What types of phone support are there?

For the comparison to be effective and for it to really allow you to make the best choice, you must necessarily know the different types of car phone holders available on the market.

This is one of the conditions to have an opinion on the best models adapted to your vehicle. To determine the different types of phone support, the classification is based on the mounting system. There are therefore four types of car phone holder.

The phone holder with suction cup

This is the model of car phone holder that you can use regardless of the range of the vehicle you drive.

Users who have carried out tests with this type of phone holder have given positive opinions, because it is possible to fix the laptop in any place. This is the type of mount to choose if you want to keep your phone in a place of your choice.

The phone holder on the air vent

This type of accessory can easily slip into the air vent of your vehicle. It is a great solution to choose if you do not want to be disturbed by the support and want to keep a better perception of the road.

The phone holder for the car to slide into the CD or DVD slot

Auto accessory makers are getting creative to keep car accidents as low as possible, while still allowing drivers to enjoy the benefits of their smartphone while driving. The phone holder is often equipped with a clip that easily slides into the CD/DVD player slot in the car’s dashboard. But most of the new cars do not have this anymore.

Magnetic phone holder

This car phone holder model can be fixed anywhere on the dashboard with one or more magnets.

Clip-on phone holder

This is the latest type of car phone holder available in the market. It is installed using a clamp and it is a very practical and quite safe alternative.


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