Assetto Corsa Competizione is one of best racing simulation game with many realistic aspects and great graphics. ACC gives the feeling of a real car race dynamics with great interior designs of sportscars and very well optimized physics. This game is one of the favorite racing sim out there if you are a sports car racing enthusiastic. It gives the vibe of a real race if you have a driving set up like Logitech G29. ACC also contains the British GT Championship and both GT3 and GT4 as well as the sports racing cars.

ACC can be really difficult to learn and It very different from the F1 games in terms of its driving, tracking and so on.

Assetto Corsa Competizione: Setting up the cars

There are many different setting in ACC when it comes to setup a car. A very good initiative is to remove aids such as stability control.
ABS and TC are used by pilots in real life, so you can still use these aids. It’s up to you to find the value that suits you over time, without losing the car when accelerating for the TC, and without locking the wheels for the ABS: a low value will not mean that you will go faster. For example, I drive a lexus, with the TC at 5 and ABS at 3-4.

However, I advise you to quickly remove the trajectory, it is an aid that really pollutes the learning of the circuits.
I recommend these guides If you want to visually learn the game which is actually better.

In the pits I advise you to leave the Pit limit in automatic for the moment, the same for starting and stopping the engine.

Don’t focus on the steps to pass bronze / silver etc, it has no practical use in the game, you’ll see it goes up on its own over time.
The only stat that needs to be monitored is your SA, your security rating. You have to make sure that the latter is always above 70 so as not to be bored.
The SA will go up on its own over time, but you have to be careful to avoid contact/accidents.
I even advise you to avoid any contact at best, even if it means not fighting too hard to defend your position.
Your goal if you come to play online is to simply finish the race, without incident, and not be last.
And you will progress as you play.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Beginners Guide-1-min

For the settings it’s still a bit early, but some basics:

First, use the aggressive settings. Better than secure setting.
For the tire pressures (and not the temperature, the latter is around 80/90°) in PSI, as you have seen you have to aim for 27.5, the correct range of use is approximately between 27.2 and 27.8 , for GT3, once your tires are warm (after at least 2 running laps).
Reduce your fuel to the minimum necessary. You have apps to calculate that, then you take a little security.
Kind 10 min = 25L / 20 Min = 45 L / 30 Min = 60L roughly speaking.
Also change your brakes.
Basically you have brakes 2 , these are the standard brakes for an endurance race. Put brakes 1 for shorter races, up to about 1h30-2H.

Basically the brakes are:

1 – Sprint – 1h30/2H
2 – Endurance – from 2H, up to easy 10-12h (I’ve never played that long to be sure)
3 – Rain brakes
4 – Qualif/proto brakes. More efficient than brakes 1, but which wear out very quickly, you will do grans max 20-30 minutes with , and again.

Personally I use brakes 1 all the time, when the race lasts 2 hours or more I leave brakes 2.

I’m not a pro pilot, but I have 2 years on the game (on XBOX) and I partly manage a small group of pilots, and often participate in races organized online.
On the other hand, I don’t know anything about advanced settings so I couldn’t help on that. But you must already learn the trajectories, ride with opponents etc., the settings will come later, the aggressive setting is already very good.


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