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Bird droppings are dangerous to car paint if not cleaned carefully. But they are easy to remove. In this article, you can learn how to prevent paint damage caused by bird droppings.

Why is bird droppings harmful to car paint?

Birds are not picky. Worms, caterpillars or mice, seeds and fruits, anything birds eat is digested by aggressive stomach acids. Bird droppings are just as toxic. It contains everything bad for current water-based acrylic paints on cars. Mineral impurities such as uric and other acids, abrasive products, and grit damage car paint. Car paint can decompose, especially at high temperatures.

Sometimes 10 to 20 minutes are enough for the clear coat to penetrate the top layer. As a result, white borders remain on the edges of bird droppings. With longer exposure time, bird droppings reach deeper layers, making them brittle and cracked. Eventually even the clear coating layer will be separated from the paint layer. Then it gets even uglier, because despite removing and polishing, moisture and acid can penetrate deeper.

In this case, you now need professional help, or even the car may need to be repainted. Meanwhile, ceramic sealants do not provide permanent protection either. They are also attacked by aggressive bird droppings and eventually dissolve soon after. That’s why it’s best to check the car for bird droppings as standard when parking and getting in.

Remove fresh bird droppings from the car

Fresh bird droppings are relatively easy to remove. However, you shouldn’t just wipe it. It is better to rinse the paint with running water. At best it removes grit and stone particles found in bird droppings that could otherwise cause scratches. But often the edges remain, because bird droppings dries faster than the edge. A damp cloth can usually be used to soften the stain sufficiently.

Then the area is rinsed and then wiped with a soft cloth. This is gentler than wiping the stain. It should only be polished with a microfiber cloth after the dirt is completely cleaned and the paint dries again. gif maker 12 How to clean Dry Bird Droppings from the car?
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What to do about dried bird droppings?

If bird droppings are sun-dried or even burned, it will be a little more difficult to remove them. In this case, you try to wet the bird dropping area first. Put a damp cloth or sponge on the stain and wait for at least 15 minutes. Multi-purpose cleaning cloths that you can already have in your car are also practical.

Particularly badly burned stains can be soaked with special insect cleaners, car shampoo, or a mild dish soap. Glass cleaner is not the preferred product. It may dull the paint. When bird droppings become wet, rinse with running water as much as possible.

On the road, you can use a watering can from the gas station or a PET water bottle with a small hole in the lid. This increases the pressure of the jet. Then dry it with a damp microfiber cloth and warm water. If the area cleaned in the paint is dry, we recommend that you polish it gently at the next opportunity.

Lastly, there are some professional cleaners that can easily remove a bird dropping from your car either it is dried up or fresh. The composition of the cleaners react with the acidic bird poops and clean it like water. You should also check if the cleaner has the specifications as Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, NO Petroleum Distillates, Non-Flammable, No Harsh Chemicals which is of course impoetant for your health and safety as well. In this case we recommend using ProSol Works Bugs N’ All bird poop, bug and stain remover. We have tried many cleaner but this one worked better when it comes to dried up bird droppings.

ProSol Works Bugs N' All Bug and Tar Remover-min

How do you protect your car from bird droppings?

Many drivers perceive bird droppings on car paint primarily as a visual problem. However, serious paint damage is the real problem. And this can only be avoided if you act fast enough. If you have a PET or spray bottle with water and some liquid soap in the trunk, as well as a few soft microfiber cloths, you are well prepared for the first measures. Where you park your car also plays a big role.

Parking under cherry trees, gutters, street lights or nesting areas is not recommended. If you don’t have time to remove stains right away, it’s best to park the car in the shade. The heat of the sun intensifies the chemical decomposition processes and at the same time heats and expands the paint. This allows bird droppings to penetrate deeper.

Cleaning up bird droppings with The best home remedies

Stay away from kitchen sponges and hard brushes! Instead, it is useful to have an old newspaper at hand. Fold the newspaper several times, put it on the stain and thoroughly wet it with warm water. Paper sticks even to vertical areas. After 5 to 10 minutes of exposure, fresh bird droppings are usually thawed. Wet wipes, especially diapers containing mild cleaning agents, are also a good way to soak bird droppings.

Tip: Cleaning cloths can also be stored in the car in resealable packages. Not only does it help with bird droppings, it also cleans your hands. Vinegar and water in a one-to-one ratio is also a proven home remedy for bird droppings. But here you have to make sure that the mixture is fully applied and does not act for too long.


Bird droppings in the car cannot be completely avoided. But the removal process shouldn’t take too long. Bird droppings are aggressive and can ruin any paintwork if left long enough or left to dry in the sun. Ideally, you should have some water and newspaper or wet wipes and a microfiber cloth in the trunk.

Important Note: Do not rub or wipe vigorously, but allow the stain to get wet, rinse and then dry gently. This is how cleaning works gently. You can polish the stain occasionally and the problem will be solved.


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