How to Repair scratches on your car’s windshield?

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Dirt from the road, defective or dirty windshield wipers, and annual ice scraping can gradually damage car windows. This limits vision in the long run. To deal with these situations, you can remove minor scratches yourself.

Scratches on the windshield can cause poor visibility. They become a particular hazard in the dark especially when the sun light is low, or in bad weather. Such damage can also increase the blinding effect of oncoming vehicles. Also, even the smallest scratches can cause the glass to crack when driving over a pothole or bump in the road.

Light scratches on a Windshield can be removed easily

You can remove light and superficial marks yourself. If your car has deep scratches or stone chips on the glass, you will need to go to a car repair shop. Such repairs can be done with tools in the hands of professionals. Synthetic resin method is one of the options for invisible damages. You should not wait too long even for small scratches on the car.

Even if a fairly big scratch can be repaired with a good Windshield Glass Repair Kit. You can buy a windshield crack repair kit that can assist you in repairing windshield damage. The precision repair fluid can provide strong pressure to remove air from the cracks. 

How to Repair scratches on your car windshield-min

Materials needed for the process

  • Special polish for car windows from specialist shops

  • A Polisher to remove residues (Important Tip: The speed should not exceed 600 rpm, otherwise the grinding point will become too hot and there is a risk of cracking the glass)

  • Aracınızın ön camındaki çizikleri kendiniz onarın-2-min
  • A bucket of warm water

  • Special glass cleaner for car windows

  • A lint-free cloth and a dry scouring cloth

How to remove the scratches on car Windshield

  • Roughly clean the windshield. Hard particles and dirt should not be left on the glass.

  • Fill a bucket with warm water. Add the car window cleaner to the water. Clean the glass with a soft lint-free cloth.

  • You will need  a car polisher tool. In this case we can recommend ENEACRO Polisher which is a fairly budget friendly tool. For a much professional polisher, Chemical Guys 10FX Random Orbital Polisher is a great kit that lets you polish with random orbital spins. Orbital spins can make the task much faster and easier. 

  • How to Repair scratches on your car windshield-2-min
  • If you have a polisher then dry the disc with a clean cloth. You can use the conditioner and cleaner chemical on the polisher disk that comes with the kit. 

  • If you don’t have a polisher, you need to do it by hand. The small scratches can be removed with hand but It won’t be as effective as an electric polisher. 
  • Aracınızın ön camındaki çizikleri kendiniz onarın-min
  • Put the polish into the polishing chamber of the polishing machine. Set the device in advance according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Apply the polish to the glass in circular motions. Do not apply too much pressure to the disc. A very light, gentle pressure is sufficient. Proceed in this manner across the entire windshield to achieve an even result.

  • The felt of the machine must not dry out during operation, otherwise more scratches will appear on the windshield. If necessary, add some polish to the felt. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to dampen the felt a little beforehand. Please consider the information provided by the manufacturer.

  • When you finish applying, wipe the polish from the glass with a clean, soft cloth. Pay attention to the circular movements as well.

  • If necessary, clean the glass again with water.

We also recommend you to take some “before and after pictures” to compare the windshield’s pictures. 


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