Self-Repairing Battery Technology For Electric Cars

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StoreDot, an Israeli company specializing in electric vehicle technologies, has presented a new battery containing cells capable of repairing themselves.

The Israeli company StoreDot presented batteries that repair themselves, using self-healing cells. They should therefore last longer in vehicles.

StoreDot, an Israeli company specializing in electric vehicle technologies, has presented a new battery containing cells capable of repairing themselves, the 100in5. They will apparently be available from 2024.


Electric car batteries are made up of hundreds or even thousands of cells, which provide them with the combined power needed to run the vehicle.

Thanks to the StoreDot software, combined with an algorithm, in the event of overheating of one or more cells, the vehicle is able to simply disconnect the cell or cells concerned, even while driving.

The system then resolves the problem, by discharging it for example. Reconnection occurs when the problem is over.

This preserves the cell concerned on the one hand, but also isolates it from neighboring cells that it can damage when they have no problem. In extreme cases, preventive disconnection reduces the risk of battery fire, as well as faster degradation over time.


The other advancement of these batteries is stable capacity and performance over the entire life of the vehicle. On a conventional battery, the capacity tends to decrease gradually, and therefore the autonomy it can offer you. The prowess is still mysterious.

The manufacturer explains “manage the charging current” in order to “stress the battery less at the start of its life”. The downside is slightly less battery life when purchased.

On the other hand, the capacity of the battery is theoretically identical on the day it leaves the factory or after several years of use, delaying the change of used batteries as much as possible and increasing the maximum possible mileage of the car. And that is a great point for the planet.

The company presented these cell packs in cylindrical 4680 format (like Tesla) or rectangular box. They should also benefit from a very fast loading time.

Indeed, the 100in5 is not called that by chance. According to StoreDot, its technology should charge 62 miles of range (about 100 km) in 5 minutes.

The next generation of “solid” batteries will arrive in 2028, the 100in3. In 2032, it will be the 100in2. And in 2036… We let you guess the name of the 2036 batteries. Anyway, StoreDot is already a partner of many car manufacturers such as Daimler, Volvo and Vinfast.


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