Starting 14th on the starting grid, Max Verstappen crushed the competition to claim a 9th victory this season. The 2021 champion edged Sergio Pérez (2nd) and Carlos Sainz (3rd). Here is a summary pf Belgian GP 2022.

The summer break is over, it’s time to get back on track! Almost a month after the last Grand Prix in Hungary, the ten teams on the grid are back to compete in the second half of the season. To start the final sprint, there’s nothing better than the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

7.004 km long and made up of 19 bends, the Spa layout has undergone some modifications to comply with the demands of the major F1 bodies. If the track now has a gravel trap at turn 1, and a wider loophole at the entrance and exit of the Eau Rouge, the toboggan of the Belgian Ardennes remains just as splendid.


Last 10 Laps of F1 Belgian GP

  • Lap 34: George Russell gets closer to Carlos Sainz, more than 3.5 seconds between the Ferrari and the Mercedes.
  • Lap 35: What a battle between Gasly, Vettel and Ocon! While Vettel had taken 7th place at turn 1, the German was surprised by Gasly and Ocon at turn 5. It was ultimately the Alpine driver who took 7th place!
  • Lap 36: Behind the Ocon/Vettel/Gasly battle for 7th place, the fight is also raging for 10th place. Albon, Stroll, Norris, Zhou and Tsunoda form a real routine.
  • Lap 37: George Russell continues to work on his rhythm! The Briton is only 2 seconds behind Carlos Sainz.
  • Lap 38: Albon is still holding his 10th place while Ricciardo has just hung up the 4 cars which are already chasing the Williams!
  • Lap 39: In first position, Max Verstappen achieves the perfect race! Starting 14th, the 2021 champion rides on the slide in the Belgian Ardennes.
  • Lap 40: George Russell begins to stagnate his pace. The Mercedes driver is stuck 2 seconds behind Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari!
  • Lap 42: Charles Leclerc pits! The Monegasque is putting on red tires to get the point for the fastest lap in the race.
  • Lap 43: Charles Leclerc came out behind Fernando Alonso, the Mongegasque should have no difficulty overtaking the Alpine.
  • Last lap: Last lap of this GP for Max Verstappen! The Dutchman will not be long in celebrating a new victory.
  • Checkered Flag: VICTORY FOR MAX VERSTAPPEN AND VICTORY FOR RED BULL! What a performance from the 2021 champion who crushed the competition!
  • Checkered flag: Sergio Pérez finishes 2nd and secures another double for Red Bull this season! Carlos Sainz completes the podium after resisting George Russell 4th.
  • Checkered flag: While 5th place seemed promised to him, Charles Leclerc has just taken a 5-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. Consequently, the Monegasque loses a position and leaves 5th place to Fernando Alonso.

With this new victory (the 29th in his career), Max Verstappen now has a 93-point lead over his new runner-up Sergio Pérez. With his 2nd place, the Mexican steals Charles Leclerc’s place in the drivers’ championship. 

By placing its cars in 5th and 7th place, Alpine achieved a good operation and pushed McLaren to 18 points in the constructors’ championship.


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